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  1. Terms of Service: GamersGift's Terms of Service govern your usage of our services, including our website www.gamersgift.com and any future portals introduced by us.
  2. Registration and Usage: By registering with GamersGift, you agree to follow these terms, confirm your age (above 18), provide accurate information, maintain account security, use services responsibly, and avoid illegal activities or intellectual property infringement.
  3. License to Use: GamersGift grants you a non-exclusive license to access and use our services.
  4. Virtual Items: Users have a license, not ownership, of virtual items on our platform, subject to specific terms.
  5. Payments: You can pay using various methods available, and you're responsible for all payments and applicable taxes.
  6. Sale of Items: Sellers must comply with our rules regarding item listings, ownership, quality, and intellectual property.
  7. Liability: GamersGift is not liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from service use.
  8. Intellectual Property: Copyrights and trademarks belong to respective owners.
  9. Suspension and Termination: GamersGift may suspend, terminate, or cancel services or accounts as necessary.
  10. Refund Policy: Refunds are only issued for non-working or misrepresented products, following our Refund Policy.
  11. Communication and Notices: All communications and notices must follow our specified methods.
  12. Applicable Laws: Users must comply with relevant laws and regulations when using our services.
  13. Assignment and Binding Effect: These terms are binding and cannot be assigned without consent.
  14. Chargebacks: GamersGift is not responsible for chargebacks, and customers are solely liable for them.
  15. Disclosure of Information: GamersGift may disclose user information as required by law or governmental directive.
  16. Availability of Services: Services are available daily, but interruptions may occur due to maintenance or other reasons.
  17. Reliability of Portals: Users acknowledge that network delays or issues may affect service notifications.
  18. Account Security: Users must notify GamersGift immediately if they suspect their account has been compromised.
  19. Variation of Terms: GamersGift may modify terms as needed, and continued use implies acceptance of changes.
  20. Severance and Waiver: In case of legal invalidity, remaining terms remain in effect, and failure to enforce a term does not waive rights.

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